Things That Make Anxiety Worse

Things That Make Anxiety Worse

There are so many things that make anxiety worse.

I’m not here to say that I’ve defeated my anxiety, but I’m getting better at not letting it win every battle.

A good first step in keeping your anxiety at bay is to evaluate your relationship with these 12 items and limit your consumption or exposure to them.


Are you like me and drink coffee all day? Do what I did and ease yourself off a little bit at a time. Try one less cup per day for a while. Then trim another one. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel just by limiting your caffeine intake.

Not Moving Your Body

Get some exercise! You don’t have to be a gym rat, or train for a marathon, you just have to get moving! At lunch, take a little walk. Take the stairs instead of an elevator. Park a little farther away in the lot than you normally would. Baby steps!

Neglecting Sleep

Are you doom scrolling through social media at night? Watching mindless TV? One of my issues is I just never wanted to go to sleep, because that meant the next day was coming. I wasn’t ready for the current day to be over, because that meant I had to start all over again tomorrow.

Heavy Drinking

Occasional drinking or drinking socially (us introverts love that social stuff, eh?) is of course ok. But don’t be someone who drinks simply to escape your problems. It’s not going to achieve what you think it will. Excessive drinking can affect your job, your relationships and your family.

Be smart. Don’t turn to the bottle when you’re looking for an escape.

Skipping Meals

Regardless of your situation, you should never be skipping meals. You need to eat, and you need to eat healthy. Ok fine, at least you need to eat better. What you put into your body not only affects your physical well-being, but also your mental well-being.

Check out this book for some ideas on how to use food as a powerful tool in taming your anxiety. (Please note I am in no way affiliated with this book or Amazon in general, I just like to recommend books I like).


It’s important to note that sugar does not cause anxiety, but, sugar and anxiety are connected. Sugar can make your anxiety worse by affecting the stability of your blood sugar levels. This can disrupt the body’s natural physiology, which may cause increased anxiety and panic attacks.

A healthy diet that is free of processed foods, high in vegetables and fruits, while limiting added sugar can help improve your body’s ability to cope with stress and fight anxiety.

Messy Room/Living Space

Having a messy room and/or living space can absolutely add to your anxiety. Check out this article on how a clutter can be so bad for people with anxiety.

When our personal space is messy, it creates information overload. Distractions compete for our attention, which can create cognitive strain. An organized environment reduces mental load and helps us focus better.

Not Getting Fresh Air

Spending Too Much Time Online

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