Stress Management For Dads

Stress Management For Dads

The well-being of everyone is important. But most specifically, stress management for dads is important since it affects the whole family.

Indeed, as dad’s, we’re expected to provide for our families. We need to be the rock who everyone can rely upon.

But what happens when we’re having mental health issues. And what happens if we’re having trouble getting from paycheck to paycheck to keep the bills up to date.

It happens.

Dads need support too.

I’m lucky enough to have a spouse who is always there for me. We’re a team. We can lean on each other and be each other’s rocks.

When I’m stressed, I’ve always got her shoulder to lean on.

Unfortunately, not all men are as lucky as me.

And even though I have a great support system, my stress doesn’t always go away.

Am I Less Of A Man If I Get Stressed?

Absolutely not. The common trope of society throughout history is that men aren’t supposed to show any vulnerability.

And that’s the problem.

It’s not that men weren’t stressed “back in the day”, it’s just that society wasn’t as kind to men who showed any emotions or feelings at all.

Bottling up your feelings and not allowing anyone in absolutely killed men. Literally.

Today, a healthy man should show his emotions. A strong man will face his stress and anxiety and do something about it.

If you don’t actually deal with stress appropriately, your family will suffer.

Your family, especially your kids, deserve a man, a father, who is in tune with stress and mental health. And to take appropriate steps to take care of himself.

As always, I have a book to recommend on this subject. Stress Relief For Men, by Jed Diamond is a great resource for men to reduce and eliminate stress. Not to mention a great guide for stress management for dads.

You owe it to your family to be strong, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally.

Stress Relief For Men

In addition to anxiety, men can suffer from stress. And that’s ok!

Much like relieving anxiety, which I wrote about here, there are some simple solutions to tackle stress.

The most important takeaway is that as a man, it is absolutely crucial to recognize your stress. Not only that, but to do something about it.

Don’t EVER feel like you’re less of a man because you have anxiety or stress.

Men need to be there for their family. And the best way to make sure they’re taken care of, it to make sure YOU take care of yourself.

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