Online Therapy Vs In Person: What’s Best For Introverts?

Online Therapy Vs In Person: What’s Best For Introverts?

I honestly think that everyone could benefit from therapy. Whether you think you need it or not. Just to be able to talk to a professional about what’s on your mind is definitely self-care. And for us introverts, online therapy, vs in person, may create a perfect solution.

In addition to costing way less than in person sessions, there are so many benefits to online therapy, vs in person, for anyone, even if you’re not an introvert.

In fact, I even (instantaneously) qualified for financial aid that saved me an additional 30% (!) on my sessions.

But for now, let’s explore why online therapy is the perfect solution for introverts and those with anxiety.

Comfortable Environment

For introverts, the idea of opening up about deeply personal struggles in a face-to-face setting can be tough. The comfort of your own space can significantly lower barriers to communication.

And foster a sense of safety during therapy sessions.

Online therapy, vs in person, eliminates the pressure of unfamiliar surroundings and social interactions that can be draining for introverts.

For me personally, a huge reason (excuse?) I avoided therapy was having to go sit toe to toe with a stranger in their own territory. Can you think of a worse situation for an introvert?

Online Therapy Vs In Person Provides Anonymity and Reduced Social Pressure

Introverts often thrive in environments where they can maintain a degree of anonymity and autonomy over their interactions.

Online therapy platforms offer a level of anonymity that can empower introverts to express themselves more freely. Without the fear of judgment or scrutiny.

The absence of in person contact can alleviate social pressure. And allows introverts to focus on the therapeutic process without distractions or self-consciousness.

Online Therapy Vs In Person Provides Flexibility and Control

Obviously, introverts value autonomy and independence in their decision-making. Online therapy provides the flexibility and control that we need.

We can schedule therapy sessions at times that suit our energy levels and personal routines. It’s perfect for avoiding the overwhelm that goes with rigid schedules or external expectations.

Additionally, the ability to choose between different modes of communication, such as messaging or video calls, allows introverts to engage in therapy in a manner most comfortable to them. offers all of these options; you can have your online sessions right from your phone, laptop, or tablet whenever and however you want.

Online Therapy Vs In Person Allows For Deep Reflection and Processing

Introverts are known for our introspective nature and tendency to engage in deep reflection.

Online therapy provides ample opportunities for introverts to engage in introspection and self-exploration within the therapeutic relationship.

Through written communication or thoughtful verbal expression, introverts can delve into the root causes of their anxiety.

And develop coping strategies at their own pace, without feeling rushed or pressured.

Increased Accessibility To Online Therapy

Traditional therapy settings may pose logistical challenges for introverts, particularly those who live in remote areas or struggle with transportation issues.

We not to have to leave our houses, at all. Let alone go on long journeys to go meet someone to talk about about our feelings.

Online therapy, vs in person, transcends these barriers, offering introverts access to professional support regardless of their geographical location.

This increased accessibility ensures that introverts are not limited by external factors when seeking mental health care. In addition, it promotes inclusivity and equal access to resources.

online therapy vs in person

Final Thought

Online therapy, vs in person, provides a much-needed way for introverts to navigate our mental health journey on our own terms.

Remember, it’s ok to be an introvert! We aren’t weird or “abnormal”. We just have our own preferred ways of doing things.

By leveraging the power of digital technology, introverts can find solace, support, and healing in a space best suited for us.

I’m definitely advocating for online therapy, vs in person, as a valuable tool for introverts. We need to make sure we take care of our mental health, without adding new stress or anxiety to the process.

Us my link here for excellent affordable online therapy, and get a 20% discount. They even have instant access to financial aid. (I literally just entered my income and household size and they knocked off an additional 30% right then and there).

It’s the perfect solution for introverts, or anybody who has been putting off caring for their mental health for any reason.

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