Is It Ok To Be An Introvert?

Is It Ok To Be An Introvert?

Being an introvert, I grew up constantly asking myself the same question over and over. Is it ok to be an introvert? The short answer is: Yes! Of course it’s ok. Not only is it ok, it can be a strength in what seems to be an extroverted world.

Why Would Being an Introvert Be a Bad Thing?

What leads us to ask if being an introvert is ok in the first place?

It constantly feels like society keeps telling us introverts that there is something wrong with us. I keep seeing books on Amazon or at the bookstore proclaiming to “break out of your shell!” And “stop being so shy” and “how to overcome being an introvert”.


I have yet to see a book with the title “Extroverted? Here’s How to Just Shut Up.”

Maybe I’ll write that one.

Or maybe you should! I’d buy it just to support your cause.

Anyway, here’s the problem: The reason people think being an introvert is a bad thing is that all the noise is coming from extroverts!

Do you ever hear the phrase “it doesn’t matter who is right, it matters who is the loudest”?

Yeah. The extroverts have the market cornered. They have the good PR. They’re the one’s selling you things. They’re the ones getting you into that new car today. They’re the ones calling you everyday day trying to save you money on your auto insurance.

The extroverts are the ones in the beer commercials having parties and showing you that it is cool to fit in and be around a lot of people.

The TV shows, movies, commercials, and billboards are constantly showing you that you that there is an in-crowd and that you have to be a part of that to be cool.

That’s how society is wiring us.

“Don’t be shy!” “Why are you so quiet? “Speak up!”

My whole life, I’ve had to hear those statements and questions. My whole life I’ve lived in anxiety, just fearing the next time I’d have to draw attention to myself.

I lived every day thinking there was something wrong with me.

But Is Being An Introvert A Good Thing?

I’ve already stated that being an introvert is not a bad thing. And I’ve even stated that being an introvert is ok. But, is it a good thing to be an introvert?

Listen, here’s the deal. Recognizing who you are and being ok with yourself is what is a good thing. I am me. You are you.

The worst thing I ever did as a younger person was to try to be someone I’m not.

Of all things, I decided to go into sales as a career. I hated all ten years of it. The money was great; but it wasn’t worth the misery. There’s no amount of prep you can do as an introvert to have a career where you have to pretend to be an extrovert all day every day.

Being an introvert is a bad thing if you try to live your life as an extrovert, not being true to who you are.

But, being an introvert can be a good, even great, thing if you look at yourself and make choices along the way (careers, relationships, social interactions) that are healthy and compatible with your mindset.

You shouldn’t be asking yourself (or me, or the internet) if it is ok to be an introvert; you should be reflecting about who you are and recognizing how you can live your best life in your own skin.

In my previous post, How To Deal With An Introvert Guy, I presented ways in which to help support the introvert in your life (whom may be yourself!). If an introvert isn’t comfortable in their environment, they will languish in anxiety and continue thinking something is wrong with them.

How Can Being An Introvert Be A Strength In This World?

Great, so there’s nothing wrong with us. Yes, we are all different and that is a good thing. But can us introverts actually benefit society?

Of course! We are the best listeners. Introverts are extremely observant. We are independent and don’t need to rely on others to get things done.

That fact that we like to be alone an reflective makes us generally creative.

A lot of the famous artists and musicians consider themselves introverts.

And remember, being an introvert doesn’t mean we don’t socialize or talk. We have our select few, inner circle, with whom we can be very sociable. We choose our friends wisely.

Which also means that we make really good friends ourselves. The relationships we do form are strong and solid.

I mean, think about it: The friends we do have, we went to keep. Can you imagine having to go out and make new ones?! Ugh.

In my previous post, I recommended a book. I’m going to do that again, as I know us introverts are always down for a good read.

That being said, check this one out. Its title was enough to grab me.

Am I Too Quiet, by Yadirichi Oyibo.

In conclusion, stop asking if it’s ok to be an introvert. There is nothing wrong with you. You’re only hurting yourself if you don’t accept, and love, who you really are.

The best person you can be is you.

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