Do You Have Introvert Parent Burnout?

Do You Have Introvert Parent Burnout?

Do you have introvert parent burnout? Parenting isn’t easy. But if you’re also an introvert, it can be even more draining.

I love my kids. My kids are everything to me. And I want them to grow up feeling loved and that their parents will do anything and everything for them.

However, as you know, parenting requires a lot both mentally and physically.

But what if you’re an introvert?

What Does Parental Burnout Look Like?

Unless you’re a literal superhero, you’ve likely experienced parental burnout.

Parental burnout can manifest itself in both physical and mental forms.

For me personally, I feel like I’ve been in survival mode. Work has been busy. Bills are piling up. The kids have events, playdates, hobbies.

I’m being pulled in so many different directions.

There’s just always something. It seems like there’s no rest. And it feels like if I do rest, I feel guilty that I’m not doing more.

I have a full-time job. And I have a side hustle. But I also want to be a good parent. It’s a lot.

What annoys me is that the general rigors of life take so much out of me, that I’m just exhausted when it comes to “free time” or time I would want to spend with my kids. This isn’t fair to them, nor my spouse, at all!

Does this sound like you? Are you a burnt-out parent? Do you have introvert parent burnout?

Check out this book for a great resource for burnt-out parents.

Why Is Parenting So Hard For Introverts?

Introvert parental burnout takes this a step futher. As introverts, we’re already struggling to get through the day. Now, as parents, we have to navigate this life while also being the best parents we can be.

I touched on being an introvert and a good parent (mainly a dad) in this earlier post.

The reality is, being a parent requires interacting with others.

Before I became a parent, I could choose to seclude myself in my apartment. I could choose whether or not I would participate in society or not. If my battery was drained, I could practice the necessary self-care to recharge.

Once kids come into the picture, you aren’t always able to choose your level of interaction with your environment. Your social battery may drain quickly, but you’re in trouble because you can’t get the recharge you need.

But there’s the problem. Surviving as an introvert requires you to listen to your own needs and to practice self-car. You have to learn to set boundaries and to say no. When you are an introvert, you have to make sure your loved ones and those around you are aware of your needs and are empathetic to them.

When you are a parent, the kids will always come first! You put yourself and your own needs on the backburner.

Surviving as an introvert is hard enough. But add being a parent to the mix, you’ve got a whole new set of challenges.

The reality is, it’s not that parenting is harder as in introvert. It’s that being an introvert is harder when you are a parent.

How To Deal With Introvert Parent Burnout

Even though you are a parent, you still need to make yourself a priority. Keep in mind, your kids are the most important, but this is why you need to take care of yourself!

If you’re not well, mentally or physically, your kids aren’t getting the best version of their dad (or mom).

Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Be sure to make some time where you can have alone time to recharge the batteries. Taking that time for yourself is crucial.

One thing that has really worked for me is creating a sticking to a schedule. If you’re like me, and a lot of introverts are, you survive by mentally preparing yourself for events outside of your comfort zone.

Keep a calendar that includes the kids’ playdates, school concerts, school/class events, doctors’ appointments, etc.

This may sound like an obvious no-brainer to a lot of you. But I’ve been a parent for over a decade, and I haven’t been in tune with organizing or schedules as much as I should have been. And that is what has led to a lot of my mental trauma.

Things, that have been scheduled for quite some time, taking me by surprise.

All I can tell you is that parental burnout is common. Especially when you’re an introvert.

Being an introverted parent makes it even more crucial to take care of yourself. Because when you have kids, it’s not just yourself who depend on you.

Take care of yourself. Otherwise, it’s impossible to take care of others.

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