3 Signs Of High Functioning Anxiety

3 Signs Of High Functioning Anxiety

I don’t have time to be stressed out. But life is unrelenting. You have to get through your day. And you do get through it. But are you ok? Here are 3 signs of high functioning anxiety.

You Feel Overwhelmed And Stressed Out

Am I right? How can you not?

Do you have a lot on your plate? Does it always seem like it’s one thing after another? This is where I’m at.

I can’t catch a break. It seems that every time I accomplish one thing, there are two new things that creep up that I have to deal with. It just doesn’t end.

I’m a budget conscious person. I need routine. I have to have things just so in order to feel ok.

But the car battery just died. Now we need new tires. I just got a speeding ticket on the way to the hospital to say goodbye to dying father.

Things just keep adding up. It’s overwhelming.

The universe keeps throwing things at me faster than I can handle them and I just want to scream.

But I have a family. I’ve got a job. I have responsibilities. I have to put my emotions on the back burner, and keep going so that more things don’t creep up and knock me down any further.

It feels like I’m one of those street performers spinning plates on those sticks. I have to keep spinning them and the moment I take my mind off of any of them, they’ll come crashing to the ground.

You’re Worried You Might Fail

When I was younger, I had all the time in the world. My whole life was in front of me. I was responsible for just me.

But now, I have a spouse, a family, bills… Of course I’m worried I might fail. I can’t fail! If I fail we lose our home, our car, our health insurance. The list goes on.

Failure would mean letting down the people who trust me and need me.

I’ve had stretches in my life where that is all I’ve thought about. I fear failing at any and everything. Will my wife hate her birthday gifts? What if I can’t afford enough Christmas gifts for the kids? What will happen if I don’t get the promotion I was counting on?

How will I afford the next car payment if I don’t make the sale I’ve been working on for weeks?

Fear of failure has paralyzed me throughout my life. I’ve succeeded at keeping that inside my brain for so long where it’s just my normal way to go about things.

This fear has led me to “figure it out” and tread water just to get to get to the next thing; but that’s no way to live. And it sure as heck is terrible for your mental health.

Your Body Does Not Feel Good

If your mental health is bad, your physical health will follow suit. And vice versa!

Are you constantly sick? Stomach aches? Headaches?

Eating terribly. Not sleeping enough. Drinking a little too much. Not having enough energy to exercise.

Whether you have a family or you’re on your own, you can’t afford to constantly not feel good. It creates a vicious cycle where because you don’t feel good, you can’t move forward with anything.

Your job, aka your financial stability, suffers. Your family/relationships suffer.

And as each part of your life becomes affected by you not feeling good, each little thing just keeps getting worse and worse. It will spiral until you can’t take it anymore.

And the longer you let this go on, the harder it will be to reverse it.

Conclusion: So What Do We Do?

This is where I’m at now. I’ve got all 3 of these signs, and more, of high functioning anxiety. I’m working to get better. For myself, and especially for my family.

But here’s the thing.

You HAVE to WANT to do it for YOURSELF before you can say you want to do it for your family.

You’ve got to take care of yourself.

It’s worth repeating over and over again.

Our family is important. But without you being right, how can you help/support your family.

It took me YEARS to come to this conclusion.

My anxiety has always been focused on not letting my family down, or “what if I can’t do this for my family?”

That’s the wrong focus.

You have to focus on YOU first.

Eat better. Go for that run. Take time for YOURSELF. Get your much needed alone time.

I will never say “stop worrying so much,” because as we all know, that is worthless.

But taking care of yourself, physically, will slowly start taking care of the mental part.

This is one thing I have definitely discovered in my personal life. When I was younger, in high school and college, I used to jog about 4 miles about 5 days per week.

I always felt great. Recently, I’ve been trying (yes, “trying” is a terrible word when it comes to something as simple as exercising) to get back into jogging.

The days that I do jog, even if only a couple of miles for a half an hour or so, I feel so much better overall. It’s the natural endorphins!

It’s just common sense!

Now, keep in mind, I’ve only listed 3 signs of high functioning anxiety. There can be, and are, many more.

But if you’re feeling one or more of these, you may need to take a step back, and just breathe.

The Mayo Clinic has a really good resource here for managing high functioning anxiety. People like us are more common than you may think.

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